What would you rather do?

Well I just got kicked outta my moms house. All I got now is my car, my job, and my boo. If you were in that situation would you rather: -sleep in the car [thats what I’ve been doin] Or -wait til I get paid and stay in a hotel til I find another place

Those are pretty much my only options. I don’t know what to do.

Answer #1

stay in the car…or just rent a place…hotels can get pretty ex

Answer #2

well, what’s your Boo’s living situation ??

Answer #3

how are you on a computer if your kicked out and in your car…anyway…if your “boo” loves you then why cant you go stay with him…or he help you out…if he cant help you then you dont need him…thats what I think anyway…

Answer #4

How old are you? If you are under 18 years old your mother can NOT kick you out of the house. You should go to the police with that.

Also, if your boyfriend loves you so much, why isn’t he helping you out? Also, how are you on the computer if your living out of your car?

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