What are the seven sins?

Answer #1

They are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony…..Hope I helped!

Answer #2

nice copy and paste.. but the 7 sins are differnet to teh 7 deadly sins :|

Answer #3

hell, im screwed.

Answer #4

what are the 7 deadly sins too?

Answer #5

alex….we no, have fun in hell, lol jk :)

Answer #6

man im sorry guys, i just cant type/spell today

Answer #7

Well those are the ones I know…Sorry misunderstood the question…thanks :P

Answer #8

oh noo its cool, i don’t even know there was a difference lol, im not religous & w.e.

Answer #9

haha okay then :D

Answer #10

the 7 deadly sins are what serenity posted…

they are different to what i understand unless my re teacher wasnt an re teacher. :\ hmm this was when i was at school and going back over 20 years but im sure the 7 sins were different to teh 7 deadly sins..

i might be wrong, sorry :)

Answer #11

This is what my aunty told me, so if they are not right blame her. :P Pride, anger, lust, greed, sloth, envy, gluttery (again I’m not sure its right.)

Answer #12

1- Feet eager to run to evil. Ephesians6:10-13 KJV 2-A lying wilness who gives false testimony. Mark 4:11-12,21-25 KJV 3-One who stirs up trouble amoung brothers. 2 Theasaloanians 3: 11-15 KJV 4-Arrogant eyes. Luke 9: 49-50 KJV 5-A lying tongue. Ephesians4: 20-21,25 KJV 6-Hand that sheds innocent blood. 1 Samual18: 8-10 KJV 7-A heart that plots wicked schemes. Galatians5: 22-23 Psalms21: 11 KJV

Answer #13

Pride is the worst Sin

Answer #14

And more of that seven times over.

Answer #15

Proverbs6: 16 There are six things the Lord hates.

  In fact, he hates seven things. 
17 The Lord hates proud eyes, 
     a lying tongue, 
     and hands that kill those who aren't guilty. 
18 He also hates hearts that make evil plans, 
     feet that are quick to do evil, 
19 any witness who pours out lies, 
     and anyone who stirs up family fights.
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