What can I add to my detergent?

Both.my kids are allergic to a lot of frangrances. I have to wash all are clothes in dreft but they don’t get as clean as I would like. Is there anything I can add to my wash to get it cleaner? It has to be fragrance free.

Answer #1

Vinegar or baking soda usually work pretty well, but I’m not sure how that will affect their skin.

Answer #2

I will test it out. How much do I use per load?

Answer #3

vinegar apparently works quite well or so my mother says - she has a strange obsession with vinegar!

Answer #4

oh and some people I know add some plain unscented soap

Answer #5

My son has bad exzema so we have to use fragrence free detergents, cheer, arm and hammer, and tide all carry fragrence free options and bounce (fabric softener) also has a fragrence free option. Not sure if youve ever tried them but they work for us.

Answer #6

Only about a cup should do, but you may have to adjust it based on how dirty the clothing is…my kids are teens and they get so incredibly dirty I use 2 cups some days.

Answer #7

just use a detergent that is not scented. that is what we do becaus emy mom is really allergic. we use Tide detergent and it works very well. you can also add baking soda.

Answer #8

Vinegar helps get rid of smells. Also some plain sunlight soap (if you get that in your country). I am allergic to almost all washing powders and softners and my mother uses sunlight washing powder because it doesn’t contain any funny stuff so to speak.

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