what is better to use liquid detergent or powdered detergent?

what is better to use for the enviroment and leave your clothes cleaner liquid detergent or powdered detergent.

Answer #1

Well, where the environment is concerned, they’re equally harmful unless you get the “green” detergents. However, liquid detergent is less likely to clog up your washing machine and cause it to break down like powdered detergent can.

Answer #2

I always use powdered detergent. It comees in carboard boxes instead of pastic bottles so the containers are better for the environment. Also, if you use liquid detergent and you ever happen to go under a black light you will see traces of the detergent still lleft on your clothes.

Answer #3

I like using both! It doesnt really matter they both are really the same

Answer #4

definetly liquid because powder clogs up your washer and pipes where liquid just flows straight through with the water

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