How to boost my confidence?


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No dis-respect sweetie,and dont get me wrong because you ARE very pretty,but judging from another question you posted...I think it went something like...

"why do people hate on good looking people is it cause they are ugly and disscusted with themselves that they have to hate, I guess so.I thing they shoul jude themselves first cause they have problems."

...Well...lets just say I dont think confidence is an issue for you...

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To boost your confidence try and join some classes IM 14 and I go to dance school and I do athletics and I boost confidence. Go out with your friends more. Let Your hair down. If you dont wear makeup try makeup not too much so you dont look plastic but some to get you recognised if thats the case. Then You will be more confident
Also Talk to more people who you dont normally talk to
Hope this help heled you if You wont to talk to me funmail me

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get clearisal the face wash. it may help.

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question was not about me thanks for advise

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well whats bringing it down.

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