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Is President Bush NOT interested in reducing need for abortion?

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If President Bush were truly interested in protecting women's health and reducing the need for abortion, he would work to prevent unintended pregnancy. But his policies do exactly the opposite. The following list provides some of the ways President Bush has pushed his agenda against family planning and the right to choose:

1. Bush nominated anti-birth-control activist Eric Keroack to lead family-planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services.
2. Bush has nominated far-right conservatives to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts who are determined to roll back reproductive rights.
3. The president's Justice Department, while under the leadership of John Ashcroft, tried to rifle through women's private medical records.
4. He doubled the funding for unproven "abstinence-only" programs that deny young people accurate information on how to protect themselves.
5. President Bush's FDA appointees overruled medical experts to deny women over-the-counter access to the "morning-after" pill.
6. Bush cut off family-planning aid for clinics abroad. He continues to limit access to reproductive-health care at home.

Why would Bush try to limit access to birth control when that is a sure fire way to decrease the need for abortions?