abercrombie or hollister?

which do you prefer?

Answer #1

NIETHER!!! hate those stores. all their clothes look the same and I hate it when people can tell where you got a shirt and I hate when theres a big “abercrombie” or “hollister” writen across peoples chests. I perfer delia’s, rave, macy’s, hot topic, charlotte ruse, forever 21 and pac sun.

Answer #2

I love the Hollister sweatshirts a lot. The hot pink ones look so cute. I have 2 shirts from a&f and one got too short after like 6 washes and the other one has 1 hole in it and they are only 1 year old!!! O_o I prefer Hollister although their music is annoying and the store is sooo dark, but their clothes are wayy cheaper and nice looking. So, its totally HOLLISTER<3

Answer #3

hollisterrr ♥

Answer #4




Answer #5

Its the same crap…

Answer #6

I buy clothes from both but I would say I like hollister more. :]

Answer #7

I also love both but I guess if I have to choose I’d say hollister :P

Answer #8

I lovee both but I’d prefer Abercrombie :)

Answer #9

There’s really no difference between the products except one is more expensive than the other and they both have different names across the clothes in bold letters. What’s so great about having the word Hollister or Abercrombie all over your clothes? I much rather wear something from Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JC Penny where I could at least show a little creativity. Sometimes I do buy clothes from Aeropostale because I can get great deals. I once snatched my exact jean size, perfect in length, and perfect condition for $6…I still have those jeans. I have noticed they seem to have better quality clothes for a cheaper price. Of course most of the items are pretty pricey before they go on sale. A lot of the clothes don’t have ‘AEROPOSTALE’ written all over them as well.

Answer #10

I ♥ both buit I think abercrombies clothes are better. hollister’s clothes tend to all look the same to me.

Answer #11

American Eagle :]]

Answer #12

abercrombie , although I love hollister too.

Answer #13

they are owned by the same person. they just made 2 stores to get more money but I luv both of them.

Answer #14

Both are expensive. So neither(: I shop at AE, Aeropostale, Hot Topic, and what not[; But I really do wonder where they get the letters from!

Answer #15

hollister is cheaper… but abercrombie is better!!! cant beat the original! but honestly you should check out the history of that store (company) I had worked for them for a while and had a lot of fun. Abercrombie and Fitch was originally the biggest sporting goods store in New york during the early 1900s. during this time you were more likely to buy a gun or tent than a t shirt and faded jeans from their store. look it up on Wikipedia… its pretty cool

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