Abercrombie or Hollister?

What one do you like better and why?

Answer #1

Hollister only because I can’t live without their tank tops lol I love abercrombie too :)!

Answer #2

abercrombie babe.

Answer #3

umm abercrombie!! however hollister is way more funner its like the downgraded abercrombie but hey some of there stuff is cut but I loveee abercrombie… its the same company…same stuff just different prices I just prefer abercrombie but hollister is cute too

Answer #4

Neither!!! They get you to buy a NAME/IMAGE and laugh at you while they go to the bank!!! Just buy what you want that fits without some stupid name on it..

Answer #5

I would say niether but if I had to pick I would pick hollister because its cheeper and if you have taste in surfy kind of clothes like me you would like hollister

Answer #6

abercrombie all the way!

Answer #7

abercrombie for sure I get all my clothes from mainly that store because they are just soo gorgeous

Answer #8

Hollister. I think they have more realistic sizes if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that if you walk into Hollister, you don’t see the head of a dead moose staring at you as you shop!

Answer #9

neither. they’re too expensive. they have cute clothes, but I don’t know. I guess I would choose abercombie.

Answer #10

abercrombie definately. hollister just coppies everything crombie has but its like 40dollars cheaper

Answer #11

I like both I like to get winter clothing from abercrombie and summer stuff from hollister

Answer #12

its the same company but probaly hollister its cheeper.

Answer #13



Answer #14

Abercrombie, I guess because I buy more stuff there. :)

Answer #15

Abercrombie. but I dont like either,really.

Answer #16

abrercrombie defintally

Answer #17

abercrombie for me but thats j7ust my taste

Answer #18

hollister’s a part of abercrombie just aimed for slightly younger people

Answer #19

Hollister only because I can’t live without their tank tops lol I love abercrombie too :)!

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