abercrombie,hollister,american eagle, prep sertotype

whats up with all this hollister, abercrombie, aeropostal, and american eagle and stuff

im a 8th grader and thats all preps wear and people upcess all over it…I do own things from the stores but I dont wear it cause of everyone else I just like to have nice things…

and is the stuff wroth the money

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s worth the money, you could buy clothes just as cute somewhere else for less than half the price. I’d rather buy 4 cute shirts from somewhere else for the price of 1 top-brand shirt.

Answer #2

Idonno. Its just prep thing, most people will buy something REALLY ugly there but still like it just because it has the brand name. Its kinda stupid x.x … but I do have a few things from there

Answer #3

Well it depends on yer style.. Some people think its worth the money but its only because its name brand so they think that if they have the expensive stuff then that makes them look kewl -_- I’ve seen cuter clothes 10X cheaper, but I do admit I have Afew of there sweaters.

Answer #4

I asked myself the same exact question once. speaking from experience, don’t force yourself into it. it’s just a brand, and its super expensive. if it’s the style you want, then go for it. but if you don’t care for brand as much as different styles and comfort, then you can buy a whole lot more for the price of one shirt at any of the stores you named. :]

Answer #5

Most clothing from these stores are really well made and well worth a few extra bucks. If you’re concerned about the price, check out the clearance racks or sign up to get discount emails. I have never paid full price for anything at American Eagle.

I say go for quality over quantity. And dont worry about stereotypes. Buy what makes you feel good about yourself.

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