a workout that works fast

is there a workout that you have used and its has worked and if so what was it ?

Answer #1

Any exercise that makes you sweat profusely in an air conditioned atmosphere will melt the pounds off fast, as long as you do enough of it.

People such as Lance Armstrong burn off over 2 pounds a day during training, and must eat quantities most of us couldn’t stomach just to get enough calories.

1 hour of intense exercise (where you are breathing heavily and sweating profusely the whole time), burns off about 600 calories typically, so you could lose about a pound of fat every 5 days if you did that daily - as long as you don’t eat more in response.

In 1 year, you could lose about 70 pounds of fat with a daily regimen like that. And if you simultaneously at 600 calories less per day (just don’t eat the fries, the donuts, the chips, or the sodas), you could lose 140 pounds in a year.

In other words, unless you are morbidly obese, anyone that wants to can get trim and fit in 1 year or less.

Answer #2

My favorite is cycling. I thought it would be to easy but I love it. Its a great start to get your lungs in shape too. I also thought weight lifting with only 3lbs would be to easy too but its perfect, and makes me tone not big. My arms look skinnier. Its the two things that I realy enjoy. And they are addictive.

Answer #3

Jogging and rock climbing :)

Answer #4

Crossfit, is a gym that has great results. you need to go everyday though.

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