Who ...Are one night stands okaye to have occasionally ?

is it okay to have a one night stand ? Should I ? Does it feel the same as love should ?

Answer #1

I agrree with cuddles88

Answer #2

Okiie ,, I see , thnxx everyone (: you’re right .

Answer #3

I don’t recamend I. do you know how many stds are out ther? you could pick one up for maybe 10 minutes of pleasure. I wouldn’t. and I would say that it isn’t the same feeling as love should be. so don’t do it.

Answer #4

nawww if you’re looking for real love, a one night stand dosen’t do the trick. it’s nothing compared to true love, you’re just giving yourself to a random stranger you so happen to have met. it gives you such a low lable and makes you seem as “easy”

Answer #5

im not for one night stands and any other form of casual sex (without strings attached). im kind of traditional, I still believe that you should only have sex with someone whom you have feelings for.

cuddles is also right on the stds part. :S scary.

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