How to stop strict Parents

My parents are way to strict. They wont even let me go to a movie with my friends. Im only 12. They treat me like im going to go and do drugs or something. WHAT DO I DO!!! I NEED A LIFE!!! My friends always invite me over and my parents say no. It makes me feel so bad to say I cant go to their house ever time. because it makes me sound like im lieing and that I just dont want to go to their house. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Answer #1

dont wry my parents are strict to but thats how MY asian parents are. but they let me chill with my frends…maybe your friends parents and your parents should like meet somewhere and get to know each other…then maybe your parents will let you chill with them. I don’t know just a suggestion

Answer #2

at 12 you are still very young your parents love you and are worried about you im sure if you were older and had a little girl who is 12, youd be protective of were she went to maybe you could start off going to your friends houses ask your rents if you can stay at there house for a few hours and then they can come pick you up and work your way upwards from there you could even ask to go to the movies with friends if they arrange to drop you off and pick you up parents will usually let you do something as long as there in charge of were your going and when you get back

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