If you got to be the opposite gender for 1 day, what would you do?

Please don’t be gross and say ‘spend the day touching myself’!

Answer #1

It’d urinate in public as often as I could.

Answer #2

Out a car window.

Answer #3

Wear heaps of clothes haha I love guys clothes and I sometimes wish I could be a guy for a day just so I could have guys style for a while…

Answer #4

I’d pee standing up. All the time. And whip my “thing” out. All the time. Just cuz I could.

Answer #5

I’d have sex like 34826963 times, & take one big blow to the testies, so I could understand the pain. xD

Answer #6

Wear a mini skirt.

Answer #7

I’d walk around down town singing “ I’m sexy and I know it”

Answer #8

In a day? As a guy, you could probably only manage about half a dozen times. Sorry {:^P

Answer #9

Or in one.

Answer #10

Go shopping for clothes.

Answer #11

i would go to many strip clubs, and adult stores since im afraid of going in there being a girl. also i would rub up and down my part and have sex if i can and feel how it feels like. i would try shaving my face if i have any hair. i would experiment with myself and descover what makes a man realy hard and make that my advantage when im a girl. finaly i would try all types of clothes for men and wouldn’t buy them because im only a man for a day.

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