Which gender prison would a hermaphrodite go to?

If a hermaphrodite got sent to a certain gender prison, which one would it get sent to?

Answer #1

or which ever one it looks like most

heck that’s a good question XD

Answer #2

You peaked my curiosity so I did a little research, and actually a lot of courts around the world who dont know what to do, so they end up releasing them… But this is what I found for the U.S.

“There are four factors to be considered when assessing the sexual identity of an individual of an individual. These four factors were chromosomal factors, gonadal factors (I.e., presence or absence of testes or ovaries), genital factors (including internal sex organs), and psychological factors” http://christielee.net/file2.htm

Answer #3

The questionable gendered people are separated from general population. I would think a hermaphrodite would go to whichever jail he or she expressed his or herself to be.

Answer #4

You ask the best questions.

Answer #5

I guess which ever privat part is active(?)

Answer #6

Depends on what kind of tackle in the the box.

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