Whats the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?

Answer #1

A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat whatsoever and a vegan eats meat sometimes but mostly greens.

Answer #2

no a vegan doesnt eat ne thing to do with animals, like milk eggs,etc.

Answer #3

Oh. Okay .Sorry.

Answer #4

lol u better lol

Answer #5

Haha I am so lucky me guess right.?

Answer #6

a Vegetarian is someone who doesnt eat meat such as red meat,white meat (chicken ect),fish,shell fish ect.

A Vegan is the same as a vegetarian but doesnt use clothing made from an animal so they wouldnt wear leather,fur,wool,silk ect

Answer #7

•a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn this is a vegan

Answer #8

Okay you all have it wrong. A Vegetarian is somebody who doesn’t eat any red meat and also doesn’t eat chicken or fish (so NO meat whatsoever) But vegetarians still eat milk, cheese, eggs… (Products derived from animals). Vegans also don’t eat any meat, but they also don’t eat any dairy products (milk… cheese…) or any products that came from animals (eggs…) They also don’t wear fur or leather. So vegetarians don’t eat meat, Vegans don’t have anything to do with anything that came from an animal. There is also something called pescatarian which means they don’t eat any meat except fish.

Answer #9

no i googled it, sorry but u have it wrong

Answer #10

yeah i am sorry thats what i meant

Answer #11

Codey…just drop it. And Google can be wrong.

Answer #12

thats kinda what i said :| but you explained it more xD

Answer #13

yeah sorry

Answer #14

Sorry Lizzie I didn’t mean you, I meant Kelsey. I couldn’t understand your answer Codey x_x lol.

Answer #15

Wait…what about me.?

Answer #16

what u wrote was completely wrong, thats pretty much what she said

Answer #17

oh my bad :|

Answer #18

I fgured hat was just making sure

Answer #19

Simply, Vegetarians don’t eat meat but vegans don’t eat any product that comes from animals (like milk products)

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