what more can I eat when being vegetarian?

im new at being a vegetarian and I don’t know what to eat I’ve only eaten fruit. and whats the difference between vengi and vegitarian? what else can I eat? I also dont eat dairy anymore

Answer #1

You mean a vegan? Vegans dont eat animal products (milk, eggs etc), while generally vegetarians do. (oh and not eating red meat does not make you a vegetarian. It just makes you a person who does not eat red meat.) And uhm, try some vegetables?

Answer #2

You can go ahead and eat anathing you want, just not meat, no read meat, some people eat white meat but if you don’t eat meat at all you can eat anathing just not meat…


Answer #3

Look up vegetarian recipes online. However, you should reconsider taking out dairy at least when you are starting off. Make sure you are taking vitamins otherwise you will lose so many essential nutrients. Here’s a list of what my sister eats (shes a vegetarian). I’m including some dairy products but you dont have to eat them.

Veggies Salad Fish/Seafood Quesadillas Crackers Cottage Cheese Bean Dip Nachos Oatmeal Cereal Eggs Toast Bagels Vegetarian Sandwhiches Smoothies Rice Pasta

Anything else, just message me. Hope I helped.

Answer #4

Vengi? Do you mean Vegan? I wouldn’t recommend being a Vegan because of all the health hazards it imposes. I’m a vegetarian and have been one for about five years. I haven’t had any problems with it, but I’ve known people who have, watch yourself for the first while and see if there are any side effects to it. There are plently of things to eat, just look up vegetarian recipes, and try to make sure you’re getting enough Iron and protein.

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