What zoo animal would you take home?Why?

Say you could take home any animal from the zoo. What animal would you take and why?

I’d want to take home a monkey. Just because their cool =p

Answer #1

Right on Legion, I would not want any, because they are not living the life they should be. Now if they were rescued and could not be placed back into the wild that is fine. but it is people who think they can have them and relize it was not such a good idea, then they go to a zoo and we pay money to go see them behind bars… HELLO

Answer #2

From a zoo? I don’t know. but I was almost able to have a pet deer once. we found it alone near my house

Answer #3

hmmm… A giraffe- even if it wouldn’t fit in my house!!! OR A zebra- I LOVE ZEBRAS!!!

Answer #4

A kangaroo - because kangaroos are awesome.

Answer #5

None…I couldn’t look after them properly, they shouldn’t even be in the Zoo

Answer #6

YA ZEBRAS ARE RoCk AnD RoLl!!! they are the _!!!

Answer #7

A wolf, because it’s obvious :)

Answer #8

Omg! A otter! lol

Answer #9

A tiger… as long as it doesnt eat me!

Answer #10

or a peguin..they’re pretty kick butt!

Answer #11

a baby lion c(: theyre so cute when theyre babies!

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