How can I take some of my animals to a shelter without feeling so guilty?

I started off with just one cat who I never got spayed & now I have about 10 cats at my house. I also started off with one dog who I also never got spayed & now I have 7 dogs. I know it was dumb of me to not get them fixed & it isn’t their fault that they keep multiplying. But I can’t afford all of these animals anymore. I’m literally buying huge bags of dog/cat food at least once a week. The cats aren’t so much a problem..but the dogs are big so they eat a lot. I don’t want to take them a shelter but I’ve been trying for MONTHS to find them homes but I can’t find anyone to take them. I am only considering NO-KILL shelters because I just could never take my animals somewhere knowing they could be put to sleep. How can I stop feeling so bad about it? I just imagine them shaking and scared if I were to drop them off at a shelter. What can I do? I’m the biggest animal lover ever. But it’s just costing SO much money. Also, all of my dogs and cats live outside of my house where they have a big yard that they are used to roaming around in..& I know they wouldn’t have that at a shelter. Ughh </3

Answer #1

Have you tried advertising them to give away to good homes on kijiji and the like? You could mention in your ad that you want them to have roaming space and that they’re good outdoor animals. We had to do that with one of our dogs, and she ended up in a really good home.

Answer #2

. Drive past a Chinese Takeaway, or Pie Factory on the way to the Shelter. You will henceforth be justly smug about your moral rectitude in avoiding the temptation of a quick sale to Pasty makers or purveyors of Tikka Masalas and Chow Meins. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. . PS - Hope your not trying to get rid of a Chow. .

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