Your Thoughts on the election

Obama or MCcain? And why? any reason you have, even if your not going to vote. What are your thoughts?

Answer #1

Simple, if you think that the country is going good and headed in the right direction, then you should vote for McCain. If you think we need a change of direction, and be led be an extremely qualifed and capable person, then you should vote for Obama.

I am voting for Obama. We don’t need four more years of the same, and that is what you will get with McBush.

Answer #2

McCain’s an idiot. He is another Bush. Obama is a good speaker, has good Ideals and will be like Clinton (Bill) If he gets in office. Minus the scandal. Clinton was a great Pres. Nobody is perfect and everyone has something in there background but I believe Obama would be the best candidate.

Answer #3

Two things I don’t like to discuss is religion and politics. You never win and cannot change their mind or opinion. Besides that it would be to long and drawn out and I could never get to the golf course…Opps I got to get out there…later

Answer #4

obama rules

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