Your Favorite Comedians.

I wanna know some of you peoples favorite comedians, mine is…well…I dont really know, I like Russell Brand, but mostly for his great vocabulary. :] so I wanna know some of everyones, I feel like laughing tonight

Answer #1

Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock, Johnny Vegas, Vic Reeves, Lee evans…if I had to pick one out of them all would be Sean Lock he is just naturally funny

Answer #2

demetri martin &dane cook

Answer #3

old school eddie murphy’s “Delirious” or some of Dave Chappelle’s stand ups

Answer #4

My fave comedian is Pablo Fransisco =)

Answer #5

Jeff Dunham, Jerry Seinfeild, Jay Leno, Conan O Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel. I watch a lot of late night.

Answer #6

I don’t know if this counts but I love chelsea lately shes hillarious!! =]

Answer #7

Andy Kaufman, Chris Rock, Groucho Marx, Dana Carvey

Answer #8

Russel Peters by far.. hes Number 1 !!!

Answer #9

id have 2 say cheech, gabriel iglasies and george lopez hahah funny mexicans

Answer #10

by far my most favorite is the late George Carlin, second is the late John Candy

Answer #11

Jeff Dunham

Answer #12

Kat Williams

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