Who is your favorite comedian ??

Who is your favorite comedian??

mine is bill hicks I recommend checking him out if you dont know him .

Answer #1

Lewis Black is hilarious!

Answer #2

ABOVE ALL Lee Evans.. he is so funny!!! Live at the O2 is the best one tho… what do we need for a dirty floor a dirty floor? well we’ll need a bucket. class. simple as.

Answer #3

Ellen Degeneres I love her “Here and Now” -We went to lunch and were talking about procrastination and the waitress overheard us and she said, “I have a problem with procrastination, too.” I said “Really?… Get my sandwich.” -haha:)

Answer #4

george lopez and carlos mencia

Answer #5

Yes Hicks was brilliant, one of my favourites. Also loved George Carlin (shared a lot of views with him!), but personal favourite at the moment is Dave Chappelle.

Answer #6

Mine is Jim Carrey

Answer #7

Jim Breuer Check him out on youtube. My favorite is his AC/DC impersonatoin.

Answer #8

Lee evans =]

Answer #9

GEorGE lopEZ!!! all da waii!!!


Answer #10

Ralpie May

Answer #11

bill mahrer he was awsome in his old comedy act and amazing in religulouse

Answer #12

Ron White aka ‘Tater Salad’ lol

Answer #13

michael mcintyre

Answer #14


Answer #15

Carl Barron, he’s Australian

Answer #16

Lee Evans! :) He is my idol! Seen him live and it was the greatest day of my life ♥

Answer #17

George Lopez

Answer #18

George Lopez,never will I choose anybody else.

Answer #19

jeff dunham and lisa lampinelli

I might have speelled that wrong, lol

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