Who are your favorite stand up comedians?

I love standup, im watching Wanda Sykyes hbo stand up right now its hilarious. Some others i enjoy, Bill Hicks, Robin Williams, Katt Williams, Eddie Murphey, Eddie Izzard, Dane Cook.

Answer #1

I LOVE Nick swardson, dane cook, Katt Williams, and really those are the only I can think of off the top of my head.

Answer #2

I dont know if hes consider a stand up comedian but i absolutely adore Rob Dyrdek :D

Answer #3

I like gabriel iglasius the short black guy i cant remember his name katt williams chris rock eddie murphey his brother ummm and most of the people on comedy central presents

Answer #4

Mitch Hedberg was the greatest comedian to ever live RIP… Now I’ve gotta go with Demitri Martin, and Mitch Fatel.

Answer #5

i like Demitri Martin because hes kinda random wich makes it funny

Answer #6

top 3 favorite are

Dave Chappelle

Kevin Hart

Dane cook

Answer #7

Steve Byrne, Jo Koy, Wanda Sykes, Ron White, Jim Gaffigan, Demitri Martin, Frank Caliendo, Mike Birbiglia, Lewis Black, Gabriel Iglesias, Lisa Lamoanelli

Answer #8

Dylan Moran. I love him.

Answer #9

Jo Koy! And Jeff Dunham…super talented!!! :D

Answer #10

RUSSEL PETERSSSS :)that guy has me in tears sometimes lmfao and if anyone has heard of jeff mcenery,,,, he is my cousin :)

Answer #11

Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Jeff Dunham.

Answer #12

Katt williams, greg geraldo RIP, steve harvey, sarah silverman, kevin hart, j reid, DeLay, theres this guy his last name is iglasies (i knw i spelled it wrong), donald glover, joel mchale, daniel tosh, chelsea handler, tracy morgan, wanda sykes, cedric the entainer, and hmmm, i guess thts it

Answer #13

jeff dunham

Answer #14

Rhys Darby :D

Answer #15

I like Anita Renfroe who wrote Momsense. She’s a Christian Stand-Up comedian.

Answer #16

he’s a professional skateboarder but he isnt very good

Answer #17

not dane cook

Answer #18

I personally am a fan of Robin Williams, Pauly Shore and the late George Carlin.

Answer #19

george lopez and gabriel iglesias.

Answer #20

Daniel Tosh!

Answer #21

My favorite would be Sarah Silverman, for males hmmm I would have to think about it.

Answer #22

Mitch Hedberg,George Carlin, Sam Kinnison..all dead ( RIP ) Chris Rock, Artie Lange, Katt Williams

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