y do people worship the devil?

y would they do that?

Answer #1

I don’t know…the slip before the fall?

Answer #2

why do people worship god?? ..exactly

Answer #3

well cause they feel the guy is powerfull or want to be cool or a bad@@@ im an atheist and people call me free-mason a lot or antichrist its annoying but I dont know they probabaly dont belive in god so they think they are now suppose to worship the devil

Answer #4

Because if you want to be a bad#ss that’s what you do since you hate all that is good. I think if these people admit to being okay with God then it’s a weekness so to speak.

Answer #5

If there are any gods are devils, they’re welcome to come grovel at my feet if that’s what turns them on… but I have no interest in reciprocating.

Answer #6

Some people believe in Satin because: 1)They’re totally nuts and think satin spoke to them and will kill them if they don’t do what he says. 2)Think about it this way what if Satin was truly good and god evil

Answer #7

There are many reasons why people worship “Satan”. In a way I worship him because I believe in freely enjoying material things, which according to the bible is a no no. I enjoy most of the “Seven deadly Sins” that were deemed “evil” by the Catholic Church. Look up the list of sins and honestly ask yourself “How many of these a day, do I commit?” You’d be surprised at how many people realy believe they are “Good” and break their own basic rules. My question for you is “Why do you push yourself away from natural instincts by worshipping something that clearly is impossible to imitate?

Answer #8

They probably aren’t. They are probably just trying to provoke religious fundamentalists or they are atheists. (I am an atheist and I have - for real - been approached by a young (late teen) guy and earnestly asked “Why do you worship Satan?” That is exactly what he asked!!! I told him I believed in neither God nor the ‘opposite’ of God - Satan.)

Thought for my atheist friends, “Can an imaginary thing have an opposite?”

Answer #9

Well -I believe they just want to be cool and badas* for real Its kinda sad in my opinion -because they couldnt find a path that really felt right to them [im wiccan and this path really feels right to me.] so they have a resolution of worshipping satan. -or maybe its because they believe he could actually answer their cries like ‘making a deal with the devil’ or something. once again—SAD—but pretty accurate for some people

well thats mostly what I get when I ask some of my friends who worship him

Answer #10

I think they fancy themselves in those jet black cowls…pretty spiffy!

Answer #11

I personally would rather spend eternaty in heaven with God than in the burning pits of hell with the devil. Yes satan is real but so is God who created heaven and earth and the Material things that we al love! do you no not that satan was one of Gods angels and he was cast out of heaven?? If dont agree with with the catholic church then go to another church!! Did you not also know that Jesus forgives all your sins when ever you become a christian? and even after that he still forgives, he never stops!! God knows that is impossible to be like Jesus and that is the way it is meant to be bt he loves you no matter what and he wants you to be like Jesus even though you cant be, he knows you will fall short of his glory but that is why we all need to see we are sinners is it not?!?!?

Answer #12

because they believe in him. you can believe in him or god you no. it aint illegal

Answer #13

People worship because thats what they believe, just as you may worship a God of some sought and just as I believe in the Gods and Goddesses. It is no different, and if the people who worship the devil do nothing wrong then there is know problem at all. As I would harm none but do as yea will.

Blessed Be Nala

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