worshiping the Devil

I’ve heard of some religions that do things like Worship the devil, do curses & prayers in latin, they do ceremonies with weird runes and symbols like the pentagon Star and blood/ sacrafices. does anyone know what religion/ religions I am talking about?

Answer #1

oh there called satanists. you can be any type to do this. but mostly goths are like that. there are 5 types of goths: the vampire goths, nazi goths, SATANISTS goths, criminal goths and gothic victams…

so yeah! if you want to know more about each of those types go to godhatesgoths.com and scroll down click on “goths enter here”… clikc on continue to main adn then scroll down to find somthing that says 5 types of goths…

that site is very helpful actually. anyways.. but also wicca (which is a form of religion) can also do that… so yeah! hope I helped! :) lol

Answer #2

It’s all a load of hogwash designed to distract from the valid belief systems out there… invented by cooks to appeal to the weird notions of the lonely and insecure. Stick with the major religions or Atheism. You’ll learn more. A true Satanist doesn’t believe in anything but self and doesn’t need blood of anything to accomplish this. The Pentagram was used by Christians and mystics long before the Pentacle was determined to be of evil origin. Many Blessings

Answer #3

Ha Could Be Catholosism lol …They DRINK christs Blood AND EAT his BODY …They Also Speak Latin SomeTimes …I Was Raised As One…

Answer #4

yes it is very evil and un Godly never belive in it..u will go to hell and stay there forever

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