Is it wrong to feed a cat dog food?

well i have a dog and a cat and my cat perfers to eat the dog food

Answer #1

Ha my grandma’s cat does this too x) she says it’s finee

Answer #2

Animals have different nutritional needs. It is not ok to mix foods, the food compositions are not the same and they need their own kind of food.

Answer #3

I have a cat and feed it dog food. I am pretty sure it is fine, but I am not a vet.

Answer #4

I am just wondering why? :D

Answer #5

It’s not a big deal. Of course, there’s a difference in cat and dog food for certain reasons, like vitamins and essentials for that certain animal. Not a huge deal… why not mix both cat & dog foods together? That way, your cat will get what he/she wants, while getting correct nutrients for it’s diet too

Answer #6

Because they have different nutritional needs. Like for example, it would not be smart for you to be living on a diet of cat food. Same thing. It wont hurt them if they eat each others food once in a while, but it is not ok to permanently switch their food.

Answer #7

It is okay for the dog to snack on cat food every now and then as a treat, but it isn’t okay for this to be the dog’s main meal substance. As Ty said, dogs and cats have entirely different needs when it comes food. One huge reason why dogs shouldn’t eat cat food is because it’s very high in calories, fatty oils, and protein. Constant intake of cat food could make the dog seriously overweight, which in turn could make your pet have various health issues. It could also give your dog diarrhea.

I’d recommend that you put the cat food up somewhere where the cat can only reach it. It would be a lot healthier for you to not get your dog used to eating their food.

Answer #8

YES!!!!!!!!!! It is VERY wrong to feed your dog cat food and your cat - dog food!! Dogs are supposed to eat dog food because it has the right minerals and vitamins in that food for them. Cat food is high in protein and after elongated periods of eating and so called “treating” it can lead to liver failure. so you make the call - would you like your dog to eat cat food and potentially die…or would you like your dog to eat dog food and live a good long life?

Answer #9


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