Is it bad to let your cat eat dog food?

My cat is always trying to eat the dog food, I pull it up when I see her. The funny thing is the dogs won’t touch her food :-/

Answer #1

Cats eat all sort of things. Insects, spiders, mice, birds, meat (even almost-rotten stuff), cat food… Dog food will not be bad for them if they eat it occasionally.

Dogs can digest small amounts of sugars and carbohydrates while cats can’t. And cats may get a form of diabetes if you feed them with sugars and carbs. Most cat foods don’t have those ingredients, but some do because manufacturers don’t care and amylum is cheaper than meat. You should get a cat food brand that doesn’t have carbs in.

So you shouldn’t feed a cat with mainly dog food. But it won’t kill her if she steals a bit from the dog occasionally.

But if your cat lives inside only and craves for dog food then she might me needing some thing that the cat food does not give her.

And the fact that the dogs don’t touch the cat food is not a good sign either. Dogs usually eat everything.

Try another brand of cat food. Maybe that helps. Be sure to get one without sugars/carbs.

Answer #2

nop it will do no harm:)

Answer #3

Ha yea same with my cat, it seems like he likes the dog food better then his cat food. though with the soft cat food you can get my one dog loves it and will eat it.

Answer #4

It’s not bad if your cat occasionally has a few pieces of dog food, but it isn’t healthy for the cat if they have it in large amounts or if it makes up their main meals. The main reason being that dog food and cat food both have different levels of fats, proteins, and other nutrients that are suited specifically for their dietary needs. Dogs and cats both have different needs. As it is, your cat will be lacking certain nutrients that are good for it if it only chows down on dog food. So.. It’s best to keep your cat eating it’s own food. A few dog kibbles won’t kill it, though.

Answer #5

yes in most cases. the dog food can swell in the cats stomache and kill it to get straight to the point

Answer #6

I didn’t know that, do u know where I can read more on that?

Answer #7

My cats (4 of them) have been eating dog food for years and have never suffered from it. I do have cat food out for them also, but they tend to eat both.

Answer #8
  • the dog food can swell in the cats stomache and kill it* … Where on earth did you dig up that gem? No - it won’t “kill it”, but it can cause health problems later on if the cat isn’t getting the nutrients needed from eating its own food.
Answer #9

nope! not at all! could never hurt a cat nor feeding a dog cat food nor feeding both species human food. This doesnt necessarily mean that either would enjoy one anothers food… In my family we always chop and change if we are ever low in cat food. I know my cats usually dont like wet dog food but i always love to have a bowl of food there at dinner time for the cats so when they stop being fussy they eat it and i know the dog lovesss the fish haha

Answer #10

thats funny cuz when we brought my mom dogs to my grandma’s they always ate the cat food lol

Answer #11

I don’t think it will really hurt them but cats don’t need everything dogs do.. They live off of protien and don’t need all the stuff that is put in dog food. :D It may make your cat chubby if he gets too much ,lol, but no it is not bad for the little guy. :D

Answer #12

I have NEVER heard that dog food will swell and kill your cat, and I don’t buy it…either. However, a steady diet of dog food, doesn’t give a cat what it needs to live a healthy life. The vitamin levels, protein levels, fat and fibre levels are different for cats and dogs.

Answer #13

My cat has been eating dog food for 2 years because he doesn’t like cat food. He has no health problems what so ever. Showing no problems. He is a little bit over weight, but then again he is neutered and very very lazy. So nope won’t hurt your kitty.

Answer #14

Haha.. It’s most likely the dog food that made him fat! lol. :DD

Answer #15

My stupid cat does that sometimes -_- he just ends up puking it then going back for more.

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