cat and dog food

can a cat get sick from eating dog food? can it die?

Answer #1

yes, I am sure the type of food would make a difference.

Answer #2

No, they are pretty much the same thing with the same ingredients. Our cat used to love dog food more than cat so we gave her that instead.

Answer #3

I know my cat sneaks and eats my dogs food everyonce in awhile, but has never got sick…now vice versa, yes…my dog got sick…I think if your kitty eats too much, it may get sick, but for some reason they like it…good luck…HARLEYRIDER had the best

Answer #4

A cat won’t die from eating dog food, but it really can’t live on it…the vitamin and mineral needs are different for cats and dogs…


Answer #5

The cat will be fine, but you should discourage it from eating the dog food since it could cause your cat to gain excess weight.

Answer #6

actually Ichibanarky most cat food is very high in calories. This is why most dogs that have access to cat food get over weight. We have to tell are clients all the time to put the cat food up. A cat can still get to it, however the dog cannot. Or to even use baby gates.
So no you cat should not have any affects from eating dog food, I would keep a eye on the cat for the next 24 hrs, it may vomit of have a runny stool. just because the food was different, but nothing serious

Answer #7

That’s funny harleyrider, as I’ve seen just the opposite happen - where the dog becomes too thin from eating cat food and the cat becomes extremely fat from eating the dog food.

I guess, however, that it also depends on the type of food, since some are meant for weight control, and others are for puppies, etc.

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