Is there anything wrong with acne detox pills?

Has anybody ever tried them on here?Do they work?Any side effects on the body/skin?

Answer #1

I personally don’t believe in taking stuff like that. Everybody can get blemishes every now and then, maybe some more than others. You just have to take good care of your skin, and eventually the achne will go away. Taking pills, and trying to force it to go away isn’t good. Although, I have a friend and she takes the detox pills for her facial achne, and she said she’s been taking them for awhile, but she hasn’t seen a change.

Answer #2

that stinks. nothing has ever gotten rid of mine and im getting so motherfuc!!ng tired of them.lots of frustration & money wasted.

Answer #3

Well, the only thing I can think of is wash your face with soap and water, don’t use your hands, use a wash cloth. And make sure to use a different wash cloth every time. Wash you face before bed, and when you wake up. Try not to wear any foundation/face makeup for awhile, or limit your makeup down to just strictly eye makeup. After doing this for a few weeks you should see a drastic change in appearance on your face. If you don’t, just keep going through that method. The reason for achne is simply just changes in your body.. Also, if you eat a lot of sweets, and drink a lot of soda, that can put you at a higher risk of getting a lot of achne. So my suggestion is to limit yourself on soda, and sweets, you will definitely see some change after that as well.

Answer #4

I’ve never used acne detox pills as such, but i’ve been using dianette for about 6 months, which is like the pill, but the balance of hormones in it also clears your skin up a lot. There’s no damage or and mentionable side affects, and it does really work. But taking this pill means that you’d be using birth control and I don’t know how you feel about that.. I’ve found that taking them non-stop lessens the effects, so don’t skip the withdrawal week. But it works for me.. good luck :) if you’ve got any other questions about it then feel free to ask, but I don’t think there is a problem with taking them at your age and within a reasonable time period. To be honest your best bet is to chat with your doctor about it, as you’ll have to get them prescribed from him/her anyway. Good luck

Answer #5

these kinda pills usually dry out ur better go for home remedies

Answer #6

aww im sorry i hope it gets better for you, ive been they

theys only 1 set of pills i trust and thats holland and barrett hair skin and nails formula, i had bad acne 7 month ago, it was bringing me down constantly, nothing else would work

i bought them, its 1 bottle, costs £4.95, no scam look on they website lol, i take them twice a day, i use to take them 3 times a day as it says on the bottle but i dont need to now so twice a day is fine for me,

erm you take 1 just before a meal, and then 1 before bed, they dont taste brill but no tablets ever do, you get use to taste though ive seen good results after 7 months, my skin is clearing up (now its also helped my nails too), its not totally clear yet but its helped lots! better than nothing i guess

i started using garnier pure a moisture cream last week, its a night cream, it soaks in well, cheap enough at superdrug for £2.95 its suppose to help clear spots and soften skin

make sure you drink plenty of water

also stay away from benzyl peroxide!!!, my friend and cousin used it and its ruined they skin, it kills the cells bit by bit makes the skin pigments look awful

hope i helped good luck.

Answer #7

THAT is a really good answer. Except the last part. I’ve used benzoyl peroxide and the only problem was dry skin. But that was solvable. It’s really good at clearing up skin. But other that that last part, good answer. I might give those herbal thingies a go too (:

Answer #8

aww thankyou

good luck :) x

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