Is there anything wrong with being emo or trying to become emo?

Why do people thnk that there is something wrong wit like becoming emo or something? I dont get that? Im not emo or anything but, I know some stuff about emo. I think that emo is pretty cool. Who agrees? Well, mii question is- is there anything wrong wit being emo or trying to become emo?

Answer #1

I don’t specifically have problems with emo or anything. I just hate the fact that some people would pretend to be something they’re not in order to fit in/have friends or because everyone else is doing it. I just wish that everyone can just be theirselves. Seriously, what is wrong with just being you? I don’t like cliques but to me, emo is the lowest of the low. Depression should not take over actions and physical appearance.

Answer #2

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. But I don’t understand why anyone would try to be something they are not? If you like it, fine but if you just want to fit in, I suggest you not turn “emo”.

Answer #3

I think you have the wrong idea of what being “emo” is. “Emo” means being emotional. Children and teenagers that are actually emotional are not healthy. And children and teenagers who are not emotional but like being called emo, are kind of being a poser. If you like some aspects of the “emo” way, such as the appearance or people, then sure dress how ever you feel and act however you want. Be who you want to be! Just dont classify yourself as “emo”.

Answer #4

if you want to be emo its okay because thats just who you are

Answer #5

uhm at the risk of sounding trite I think labels like “emo” are completly pathetic attempts by stupid boring people to put everyone else in a box. If you like wearing black all the time, listening to punk rock,and sitting in the corner lol. than go for it. who you r is who you r.. Who cares if people think thats what you want, where what you want.Say what you want.. But whaterver you do make sure your doing it because thats what YOU truly want to do. not b/c you think its cool, or thats what your friends are doing..Be urself:)

-hopefully helpful

Answer #6

Theres nothing wrong with being/trying to be emo. If thats the image you want, go for it!!!


Answer #7

theres nothing wrong with bein emo or trying to be emo, but why wud you wana change who you r? xx

Answer #8

ummm I would have to say YESSS and the only reason is that because becoming emo is saying that your depressed bascialy people become emo by wearing black… black hair black clothes black everything… they dont like who they are and you should love the person you are because well God made you.. you and thats all you can be so being emo kind of just tells other people that you dont like who you are and you cut yourself and stuff…

Answer #9

you cant really be “emo” that is a subgenre of music you can however be scene punk, goth prep or YOU lol but there really is nothing wrong with it

Answer #10

there is absoluely nothing wrong with being emo. inknow a couple of people who are, and they seem just fine to me. let them be. its their life. I really dont like it when people think they are insane or something. thats just being plain judgemental. this is just my opinion.

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