How do pills for acne work?

ii heard that some people take pills for there acne && I wanna try it.

Will it make my face worse later on in life or does it really help?

Answer #1

check out the side effects on this medication & speak with your doctor first. Some meds can cause more problems like swelling…acne is hormonal and you should see a skin doctor or dermatologist to find out what skin type you have and what is going on with you physically so schedule an appt. with your medical doctor for a physical if that is normal than get a referral for a skin doctor.

Answer #2

I was just in the same spot as you… I have pimples really bad and I went to my docotr he gave me pill for medication and said it would be cleared up in no time, then I did some reserach online and found out that with pill form medication it might clear your face up good and fast but then when you stop.. it can come back worse than before, kinda like the proactive crap. Honestly what I have been doing it, I boghut some calamine lotion, I use that in the shower first and then use plain baking soda and scrub my face lightly with it… and rinse off, if it is at night I do both those things but I cover my face in NATURAL honey leave on for one hour then wash off and my face has cleared up so much, and its a natural way of clearing up skin

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