Does any one have a good idea for a story?

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Hmmm... What about this teenage girl, she's got this boysfriend, but he has too leave. She is sooo stressed, but then this other guy comes along. They start going out. So the girl is sort-of cheating because she hasn't broken up with the first boyfriend. Then the boyfriend comes back (unexpectedly). He finds out she has got another boyfriend. He could kill her. Maybe the ending sentance could be; 'I lay on the thick carpet, blood pouring out of my leg, as he walked away, the knife in his hand.'

Lol. Hoped that helped. I just made that up on the spot. I think that is quite a good idea, seeing as I'm only TEN!!!
Hehe. Gd Luck with your story. xx

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umm.. maybe make it about a girl whose mother and father just died... how Unknown.. but someones out to kill the doughter and her gardian / best friend (guy name) has to help keep her safe but has secretly fallen in love with her but cant tell her because (whatever reason) XD or somtimthing like that I don't know just trying to help :) this a good idea for a realistic Fiction story?

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Write about a mysterious circus, it would be good because you could make it really freaky, or not. I dunno, thats just a idea of mine. hope it helped though

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er... ya thx?

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