What are some good ideas on a story about fear?

For english I needa write a short story based on the theme “fear”, I write a lot of poems and stories but im not very good at writing short stories (word limit being max 1000 :s ) and I cnat seem to think of a gd story line based on a fear… Any ideas ??? :)

Thx!!! Redsummer Xxx

Answer #1

I’d think back to the scariest moment of your entire life and then fictionalize that. You can either write it from the perspective of the time, or one that is totally different.

Answer #2

I forgot to say it cant end with a cliffhanger, hmm I think it is a gd idea :) but im not sure how I will be able to write about it xD thx tho! :D

RedSummer xxx

Answer #3

How about recreating a nightmare and then adding the suspense of waking up just before the pivotal moment…but don’t let anyone know it’s a dream until the end.

Answer #4

ahaha thts true :P, didnt really think of it that way :) now I just have to figure out a way how to go around iot :P thxx :D

Answer #5

It’s not technically a cliffhanger because it was a dream, and dreams don’t often have endings ;)

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