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Who knows a good title idea for my story I'm creating?

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Okay, so im creating a story about an arranged marriage. A girl at 14 is getting married to a boy who's 16 years old. But they dont get married until she's 16. They are really shy at the beginning but they end up falling in love with eachother. His name is Cody Storm and the girl's name is Katie Philips/ Jackson (she was adopted). I have no idea what to name the title.
Here I'll give some examples of my title ideas. But if anyone thinks of better ideas, could you give them to me? Or you could like change some of my example titles around if you like(:
1. Nothing can be worse than an arranged marriage. Jinx. (I wanted to add something to the first sentence at the end(after the word marriage), but couldn't think of anything)

2. What I thought what would make my life the worst, made it the best- an arranged marriage

3. An arranged marriage to what seems like a harmless guy. (bad I know)

Yeah well... I really could NOT think of any more D:
so if you could help? thanks, I would love it so much I did! (: