How would you write a introduction about north korea and south korea argumentative essay?

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By doing research on the current conflict happening in Korea, along with the historical context and events that led to it. Then, I would take a position and introduce that position through a thesis, or sentence which sums up the direction my paper is going to take. The introduction should be written after you have already done your research and know what you plan to say...although it comes first in your essay, it's one of the last parts you should write.

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I find this topic very actual. I'd like to know your notes, but I would write such introduction:

Why did Korea split into two parts and why does North Korea hate South Korea so much? This question interests many people. Fifty years ago South Korea was one of the poorest country and now become the 12th economy of the world. While North Korea has many problems in different areas of life. Let's discuss about reasons...

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