How to get rid of pubic hair?

ok…my friend and I were talking and she wanted to know how to get rid of your pubic hair to where it leaves your vgna smooth??? because her boyfriend wants to give her head but she doesnt want him to have the pubs and neither does he… but is there a way of doing it w/o waxing it ??? because she is like really afraid of it. so if there is anyone out there who knows what to do because she was thinking of using nair but I told her not to yet because it might irritate you so someone HELP because she is kind of driving me crazy :) and I dont know what to do because like my boyfriend and I havent really talked about it lol

Answer #1

Yeah shave, and go with the hairs instead of against them for less bumps and stuff. And then put rubbing alcohol or talc on the skin after so that it stays smooth and dry without getting bumps and infections and all that good stuff.

Answer #2

just shave. make sure the blade’s not dull, and use shaving cream. your friend should be fine.

Answer #3

Shave using shaving cream and a good razor. go with the hair. when your done put lotion on to prevent those ugly red bumps.

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