Is it worth my boyfriend joining the national guard?

We've been talking about him joining national guard but im not so sure i want him going off for 6 whole weeks yet its a good idea cuz the sooner he gets his life settled the sooner we can get married .

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Well if you want a quick solution then sure the national guard is a good choice, but like any wife of a soldier you must be willing to take lots of sacrifices.

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yeah for sure thats what im scared of the most especially how bad things have been going and all the wars

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If yoi guys are sure that, that is what you want then go for it. Just make sure that you have the risks in mind, and maybe have other alternatives that maybe could give you the same results in another way. Hage choices spread out before making your last. Just to be sure.

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Is anything really worth risking your life and health for it, except for the lives of the people you love? I don't think so.
Me, I'd rather be poor and healthy than rich and crippled or rich and dead.

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yeah why not

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