How long is National Guard training?

My boyfriend is really getting into joining the National Guard after highschool. I’m slightly worried, but willing to support him in what he decides. Do they have to move to different places a lot or are they just deployed out to for a period of time and then return back?

Answer #1

A church members husband is in training, from what I remember what he said, it’s 6 years or months of training required. I’m joining as well after high school.

Answer #2

No basic military training is years

Answer #3

I can’t exactly remember

Answer #4

when you ship to basic training basic training is 9 weeks long. then you come back and only have to work one weekend a month for 9 years or so. I am personally looking into joining the national guard my self as a way to help pay off college and stuff. After basic training it wont take up too much time.

Answer #5

training is 2 1/2 months this is for basic traning..good luck

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