Is it something to worry about to have your last rib not connected to your rib cage?

i recently notice my last rib on each side is defiantly not connected with the rib cage. i am a bit concerned and alarmed to say the least. is it something to get check out?

Answer #1

I would definitely get that checked out. I would give you advice, but i’m not a medical expert.

Answer #2

well i looked it up and i guess we have what they call floating ribs which aren’t connected. so i have to wonder if that is what it is. cuz what the odd that both sides are connected and are the same length and may be i’m not actually suppose to be able to feel them but cuz i’m all but bones can lol

Answer #3

If you’re talking about one sticking out, it’s supposed to be that way, don’t ask why lol. If you got a broken rib, you’d sure as hell feel it. My buddy laid his bike down not too long ago, broke three ribs, heard it hurts like hell

Answer #4

yea defiantly break it and i think your right but i never noticed b4 so and i couldn’t feel them on my bf cuz i had to see if i was crazy so i checked his out haha. and when i didn’t i was like what the heck. haha

Answer #5

I have floating ribs. But that not how mine are so I would get it checked out just to be safe.

Answer #6

i will have to ask when i go in for an exam just to look at them for reassurance. who knows maybe i;m just being a hypochondriact

Answer #7

I’m notsure if you are aware of this or not but none of your ribs are really connected to anything, they float in place. But if it’s a concern then to answer your question, yes. You should get it checked out if for nothing more than peace of mind.

Answer #8

Thats completely incorrect. Your true ribs articulate anteriorly with the sternam, forming the sternocostal joints. They also articulate posteriorly with the thoracic vertrabrae (costovertebral joints).

Answer #9

I’m pretty sure they’re attached, otherwise they’d drop down into your abdomen. All women have “floating” ribs … they are made that way so they can move and make room for a growing fetus.

Answer #10

Ummmm u need to c a doc

Answer #11

That’s something that you should consider being checked by a doctor. Even though you feel no signs of pain or sickness, going on a check up won’t harm you. You could also get yourself insurance so that it could help you to get to a list of highly experienced doctors when conditions worsen. Visit for a list of helpful insurance companies

Answer #12

yea obviously i didn’t mean they weren’t attatched at all. i ment they are connected at the make part and not the front. that would make complete sense why my bf doesn;t have them like it lol

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Answer #14

i have insurance. and i said in other comments that i had to get a check up anyway and ask them to check, but if you read colleens answer its normal to have floating ribs if your a female.

Answer #15

yea definantly didn’t mean they weren’t connected at all they obviously are attached. but i ment was the last rib doesn;t connected to the rib cage as whole in the front and its shorter.

Answer #16

Thanks for all the incite. Floating ribs is nothing to worry about…. so i don’t think a doctor will be needed. =) i’m just a hypocondriact haha

Answer #17

Well, I haven’t noticed it lol, and how should I know? I’m a man. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Answer #18

i didn’t no either until colleen told me lol so don’t feel bad =)

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