How to find out my work history?

how do I find out the jobs I have had in the past

Answer #1

If you live in California:


Write to: Employment Development Department

                Document Management Group

                MIC 23-B

                PO BOX  826880

                Sacramento, CA  94280

Your request must include:

Ø Your full legal name

Ø Social Security Number

Ø Mailing Address

Ø Years of your work history

(We only go back to 1997)

** You must also sign your request.

Answer #2

Do you remember yourself working and getting paid for it? You should have paychecks or a bank statement from when you last worked.

Answer #3

my past jobs I had

Answer #4

Social Security will charge you $15 for the report. You can go to and click on Employment Report on left side for free. Good luck!

Answer #5

request a Form SSA-7050-F4 from the site and order it…

and for all the smartalec comment regarding her question which she asked…she did not need smartalec comment like

“thats something you probley should know…”might I add it is probably should know…

or “do you remember working and getting paid for it…”some people have no choice but to move around and change jobs for different reasons..which is NONE of your business…if you don’t know…then DON’T answer…HELLO!!!

And my favorite…”documenting your work history is your responsibility…Well…GOOOLLLYYY Gomer…again, if you don’t know…then DON’T answer…I’m sure now she will remember…are there no nice people left in this work…I apologize for these not so nice people dollbabyz and I hope my info helps u…I might add that you other people now know how to get YOUR work history…Have a great day

Form SSA-7050-F4 from the site

Answer #6

Thank you so much. Finally an answer that isn’t a smarta$$$ remark. There are people out there that know what they’re doing and not just spouting at the mouth because they have nothing better to do or have a life of their own. Again I’m appreciative of any help that people give. And I make sure that its passed on to the next person asking for help. Maybe just food for thought, but remember when you answer a question with a smarta$$ comment, people won’t be so willing to help you. Everyone have a GREAT DAY!

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