why can i only work when its extremely late but still really tired?

Answer #1

Maybe it is not tiring as if you had nice sleep overnight and you start your work late , it is more of laziness than anything else

Answer #2

Stephee, are you waiting until it is late so that where you are is quiet? I do that myself in regard to doing emails- just can not concentrate with a lot of background noise around me. I often get up at 5 AM so I can have an hour or so of peace & quiet to get my thoughts out in an organized manner. Good luck and maybe try a siesta in the mid-afternoon to keep your energy level up for later.

Answer #3

BTW- of course do not do anything that upsets a good night of sleep- caffeine, vigorous exercise, stressful discussions, etc. A peaceful state of mind and a quiet body = a good night’s sleep.

Answer #4

your body clock needs to be turned around :)

i was the same when i was working at a hotel on night shifts, id be fine working late but id be tired at same time

avoid anything with caffeine in, get up early in a morning, turn your body clock around slowly, dont force it, take your time with it , also go for a walk each morning , fresh air works wonders, can wake you up too for the night time

hope your situation gets better

good luck

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