When I am 6 weeks Pregnant, will a Pregnancy Test still work?

I might be 6 weeks pregnant. I have taken multiple at home tests. They are all comming back negitive. My period is late, but I am taking new medication, so that might be it. But I just want to know, is it comming back negitive because it is too late to take a test? Could I still be pregnant?

Answer #1

However, it is possible that your new medication could be messing with your cycle. The doctor who prescripbed it to you should be able to tell you about the side effects.

Answer #2

As ty said it will be more reliable. If your test keeps coming out negative then most likely you’re not pregnant. Medications do not affect the pregnancy hormones in your body.

Answer #3

Uhm pregnancy tests become more reliable over time. Not less. The hormones released are going to be released regardless of what point you’re at.

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