Where can you find super tiny women's shoes?

I have size 5 feet and it is super hard to find shoes! Where can you find cute women's shoes?

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im pretty sure a shoe store, there they have shoes that come in all different sizes.

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Well I know, obviously... but most shoes start at like size 6 and I need way smaller sizes than that.

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then you should go into kids sizes maybe?

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In the kids section... jk lol

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The best thing you can do is shop in the kids section.
Most of the time they don't make womans shoes in small, small sizes, unless you order them to be made, but I know many adult people, and teens who shop in kids section, it's not the best, but you get shoes your size and they are also very creative... :)

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if u cant find any store . u can ask the near by store keepr he would suggest u a perfect shoe ..... but for urgency ........ u could try on kids section but in kids max would be 4 at most of the places ........... best thing to do is custom make them to ur taste .

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In Barcelona, of course!
Shopping is great and you'll find anything you want!
So, look at this page [link removed] and rent a cheap apartment next to Passeig de GrĂ cia, where there are the best boutiques!

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They're really hard to find because I have small feet too. Nordstroms usually have good smaller sizes plus they can also order and send to your house for free if they don't have in stock at the store.

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