Where to find size 12 shoes in womens?

I just hit a growth spurt and got taller and my feet got bigger too…now I gotta wear size 12 shoes in womens and I don’t know where to find them…where could I buy size 12 shoes in womens? And is size 12 feet big for a 13 yr old?

Answer #1


I know you sent me a fun mail, and I tried answering it several times, but it won’t show as going through on my mailbox. No idea why. I’m trying one last time here. If you already got it, sorry for repeating myself.

Sure you could get taller. As you probably know, at 5 foot 7 you are already taller than most adult women. You can’t really tell at your age. Some people stop around your age. Most of us keep growing slowly until sometime over 18. I guessed you would top out at about 6 feet because most adult guys with your shoe size would be around that height. Plus, I think women usually have proportionately smaller hands and feet, which is in your favor if you want to be tall. Since your feet are already big that implies height.

I’m not a nutritionist but if you want to maximize your height I’ve go two suggestions.

One, avoid caffeine as much as possible. This includes caffeine in soft drinks and coffee and tea. Studies have shown that it does stunt growth somewhat, although I’m not sure anybody really knows if that applies to teens as much as to babies.

Second, try getting a lot of calcium in your diet. Your bones need the calcium to work with to grow longer and stronger. Be careful though. It probably won’t apply at your age, but a lot of young and older adults become “lactose intolerant”. This means that they are slightly allergic to milk and a lot of milk products. Most of them don’t even know it. So, if you find yourself being gaseous or having an upset stomach, try to figure out if that’s related to when you drink milk or eat dairy products. If so, a doctor can do a test on you to see if your lactose intolerant. If so, there are ways around it with dairy digestive pills and lactose free milk.

Growing up, I probably had way too much caffeine and was maybe lactose intolerant at a fairly early age. That may be why I am a slender, undersized guy who stopped growing at about 18, barely weighing as much as my mom and not as strong as her.

Even if you don’t get as tall as you want to, you can still be a strong athlete at any sport at 5 foot 7. I had a girlfriend about that height once and she could do everyting better than me, including beating me in a race, at boxing, and at wrestling.

So, you go girl and good luck to you.

Answer #2

I have a size 12 foot and I’m a girl. I usually find all my cute shoes at a store called the shoe department. they aren’t that expensive if they have that store near you.

Answer #3

wOw.im 16 and a size 5 er 5 1/2. haha :] everyone thinks its the cutest thing. mixed with my shortness lloll. anywayy;; I say yuu look for em online.

Answer #4

payless or walmart but I am not sure because I am 13 years old and my feet are a 4

Answer #5

Google for drag queens’ stores.

I really mean it. That’s where my aunt gets her shoes from. She’s a bigfoot, too.

Answer #6

wooo you both are word guines record holder

Answer #7

at payless thhey have have them sometimes I have the same problem

Answer #8

Size 12 in a women’s is large for an adult woman and I would guess pretty large for a 12 year old? How tall are you? My guess is that you are already pretty tall and will probably top out at around 6 feet. Anyway, although its a large size for a woman it is not super large or anything, just on the high end of the normal range. I was just in a PayLess shoe store the other day and I noticed that it had a women’s size 12 section. Some malls have big and tall women’s stores that also might be able to help.

Size 12 is probably pretty close to a size 10 in men’s shoes, by the way, if there are any non-girly shoes you want to get that your having trouble finding in the ladies’ section.

Answer #9

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