Should we stop the War??

I’ve seen that men and woman that go to war come back with P.D.S.D (Post Dramatic Stress Disorder) because they see a lot of things over there and I see theres no point of sending more and more people over there if the war has been going on for more than 5 YEARS!!! I feel that people are hurting themselfs physically and mentally to fight in a war thats never going to end. And when Bush was president he sent a lot of money over to Irak and for new equiment and im thankful for OBAMA because he wants to stop the war and bring back the soliders. Do you think the war should be stopped??

Answer #1

I thought is was P.T.S.D? Post TRAUMATIC stress disorder? I could be wrong, but in my college psych class, that’s the one I remember.

Answer #2

It is no different that WW I or WW II the Korean or Viet Nam, it’s how we treat them that’s the difference. We went to the other wars because we had to and we were a different Army. The kids today that go to war are not the same as the kids that went to war before. WW II was for the duration, Viet Nam was for two years -
according to our system of justice we had no right to go in there but it’s a better than not that we are there. Our children just are not raised to fight in a war like this as we were and our fathers were. A Viet Nam vet -

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