Which should I do - RAF or Army?

I either want to be in the RAF or the Army when I’m older (I’m british btw) I’m not sure which though here’s some pros and cons which do you think is best for me?

RAF.. I know a lot about the RAF because I go to Air Cadets, I’m going to do a test when I’m older which is worth 2 Gcses and I will know how to fly a plane, my best friend is going to the RAF so we could start at the same time. But, I wouldn’t have a clue what I want to do in the RAF; and my family aren’t in the RAF so I don’t really know what happens once your in the RAF, like what accomodation etc…

Army… I know about the Army from my family, loads of my family are in the Army so I could get help from them, I know some things from Air Cadets like how to polish boots, drill, how to do the uniform, how to shoot a rifle etc and from when I was little until now I always liked the Army over the RAF but I don’t always want to do the same things as my family and also the Army seems much stricter than the RAF..

which sounds better for me?

Answer #1

Im olny 14 and I want to join the SWAT but if I were you id NOT choose th army. I was thinkin about it for awile and I asked myself , what are they realy fighting for in iraq. So I googled it and they said it was fpr oil. I didnt belive it so I looked at a map of iraq and I turns out theres a HUGE oil line running under iraq. Not army is my anwser

Answer #2

Ok, I’m joining the Army and I don’t see a problem with it. The problem I have is with the media always protraying the stuff that’s either wrong or really bad. Because afterall good news isn’t worth watching, people want to hear the bad news. We’re doing a lot of good out in Iraq and Afghanistan but civillians rarely get to see it.

And as for xxjjxx, you really have to research both services, find jobs that you would like to do and decide from there. And as for not really knowing what it would be like in the RAF, like accomodation etc. I wouldn’t worry too much. Just research as much as you can about everything and go from there.

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