Woman issues

Well for 1 is it safe 2 swim on your period?? And 2nd is it safe 2 umm swim with an ear infection??

Answer #1

as long as you are wearing a tampon it is ok to swim but if you get cramps I advise you to stay out of deeper water and you shoudlnt swim with an ear infection because the water could irritate your ear if you have to swim use earplugs.

Answer #2

yeah wear a tampon and I dont know about the eat infection. probably not because it will cause irritation and get worse but yeah period just wear a tampon but nooo pad. gross ! k

Answer #3

You can qet in even without a tamp. Even uh pad but tamp would be better to keep yur insides cleaner. and it may make your ear worse so try ear plugs and pull yur hair back because it does qet all in your hair sumtimes:]

Answer #4

Period yes…wear a tampon as already advised.

Ear infection - I advise against…water in the ear can cause irritation…ear plugs might help, but I wouldn’t rely on it.

Answer #5

if you wear a tampon its good/okay but a pad one word NASTY!!!… ear infection its not good at all!

Answer #6

yes just wear a tampon.

and im not sure about the other one=]

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