if you could have 3 wishes granted,what would they be?

if you could have 3 wishes granted,what would they be?

Answer #1

hve lots f money 2 help others, always b and dis age,n I wish I could fly whenever I want to fly,n seeng god everytme I want and always b happy…datz all

Answer #2

im not gna wish for luv… I can find that on my own… so ide be wasting a wish lol this question is actually really hard… I wish to know everything about nething… superpowers(that really would be awesome) :D food for people who are starving

Answer #3

all you people that would wish for love are stupid if you wish for someone to love you its not love they are just doing what you wished… I would wish for
all the guitars ever

a recording studio

and unlimted wishes of course :)

Answer #4
  • Get the boy I love -Acheive my dream -meet diversity
Answer #5

To find the perfect boy, Unlimited money and to stop people from suffering

Answer #6

ah!!! I CHANGE IT TO UNLIMITED WISHES!!! :D I wish for unlimited wishes! lol

Answer #7

not grow up too fast, find looove anddd erm… unlimited money :)

Answer #8

Superpowers, unlimited money, a world without pain.

Answer #9

ah find love, meet robert pattinson, grow up fast:)

Answer #10

bank account with unlimited amount of money in it. Im thinking some kind of super power, and to find love :))

Answer #11
  1. Unlimited tax-free cash flow. 2. A female benevolent modifiable genie to grant my every good wish. 3. To be cured of my schizophrenia without losing what and who I am now. My name is: Brock Edward Utter. Address: 2310 South 7th Street, Room # 116; Abilene, Texas; Zip Code: 79605-3152. I am patiently awaiting the response.
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