Would it be okay to wipe down my rat, mice, and guinea pig with baby wipes ?

They groom themselves, but they smell. It’s not their cages, it’s their fur.

Answer #1

Yes, it is okay to do that. People use baby wipes to wipe down dogs, cats, ferrets, etc… so I don’t see why it would be any different on a rat, mouse, or guinea pig. Go for it.

Answer #2

Yes it is allowed. Only maybe too expensive for them :)

Answer #3

Okay. (: I only asked because i read somewhere online that bathing them might wash off all their protective oils or whatever, maybe that was birds…. thanks ! :D

Answer #4

Get a bottle of pet shampoo at a pet store, give them a warm water shampoo- everyone (in the house & cages) will be HAPPY !!

Answer #5

acually bathing them can kill them. My friend found out the hard way, if you get even a tiny drop of water in their ears they can die

Answer #6

Instead of masking the problem with wipes, my suggestion would be to find the source of the smell. You say it’s not their cage, so it must be them. Animals don’t usually let out a nasty smell for no reason. It could be as a result of them licking (cleaning) themselves, and their breath smells. Which would mean it’s the food that you are feeding them, or they might have a rotten tooth. Smell their mouth/breath to see if that’s where the main source of the smell is. If it is, you could change their food to dry food with tarter control. If the problem persists, you could call a vet- your animal(s) may have a few rotten teeth.

Answer #7

a friend of mine has a rat and they bath it regulary.

Answer #8

true. I had a guinne pig and lots of other iv’e held always have smelled a little bad but that just comes with having animals. but i would take Renee’s advice and try chaning what they eat as long as it doesn’t affect their stomachs and don’t change it really quickly do it by slowly adding more of the new food to old food until you have just the new food because it could upset their stomachs

Answer #9

yeah i think it’s only guinne pigs you cant bathe

Answer #10

you can absolutely bathe guinne pigs we would give Cali a bath once a week with baby shampoo.

Answer #11

lol no it’s because their old cages were nasty & had old dirty bedding & the smell seeped into their fur from them being in it.

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