Windows live QnA / MSN Answers closes, thoughts?

Personally, I’m kind of happy…one less major competitor to us is around. However, for those who invested their time, effort and knowledge into the site…I feel bad. It’d suck, for me, if something I’d been helping to build, grow and make friends on suddenly vanished.

(no, we’re not going to close, ever, if I can help it). Did you guys ever use MSN’s question & answer site? I did, once…the experience was disappointing, to say the least.

Answer #1

LOL…maybe the reason it closed is because nobody ever heard of it…I’m one of those too…Never knew there was an MSN answer place.


Answer #2

I didnt know it was even there, then again I didnt know this was here till I came across it by total fluke, no complaining I have like think its a great sight, never na might snap up some members from the msn thing you were on about ;)

Answer #3

ahaha truee. barely no one knows they exist I’ve never even heard about it til now.

Answer #4

I didn’t even know it existed…I guess there’s one reason it closed - lack of awareness, lol

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