Will drinking just on fridays and saturdays make me gain weight?

I'm a freshman. Im nervous about the freshman 15. I have a really healthy diet sundays-thursdays. I have a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a salad (no dressing) with a turkey sandwich (on wheat bread) for lunch. And for dinner ill have what ever the cafeteria is serving only a very small portion with some fruit and veggies. I also only drink water. But on friday night and saturdays...I party. I drink a lota alcohal and I usually eat what ever I want, but then come sunday again I am back on my strict diet...I also work out for an hour every single day. Those two days of cheating wont make me gain weight...right??

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Beer Dont F"CKEN Make You Fat If Idiot Dont Drink 2 Much it Kill importian Stuff

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the freshman 15 is because you are fending for yourself and some people aren't ready for that and eat mostly fast food because it is quick and cheap.

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